Keeping Traditions Alive

As a mother, I have always used storytelling as a way to keep my family’s traditions alive. Recently, my wonderful marketing team, St. Somewhere Holdings, LLC, shared an email with our followers promoting my book, The Magic Straw Hat, in a way that also promoted the passing along of traditions, which, as you may have guessed, is near and dear to my heart.

For those of you who did not receive this little note, I thought I’d share:

Karen Jonice Bricker honors three generations of women in her family, who instilled in her a love for the story-telling tradition of her Irish heritage, in her new book, The Magic Straw Hat.

Bricker has continued the tradition in her family and instilled it in her students when she was an elementary school teacher.  Nary an evening passed without Bricker sending her children to bed with stories of their Irish ancestors.  It left a sparkle in their eyes and created a lasting impression of who they are and from where they came.

Now Bricker has drawn upon the oral tradition of her Irish heritage to spin a yarn that is sure to capture children’s fancy as it also inspires them to learn more about their families.

How do you keep traditions alive? 

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Little Miss Magic Straw Hat

There are many pieces of inspiration I drew upon to write The Magic Straw Hat. And, for anyone who has read the story, you know that my daughter, Caitie, was one of the biggest pieces.

Since she was a little girl, one of her favorite things to do was to rummage through old photo albums. While she was home over the holidays, she came across this gem, which I couldn’t help but share with all of you!

Here she is, little Caitie, with her magic straw hat, holding on tight so it doesn’t blow away!


The perfect holiday gift for kids, and kids at heart!

This holiday season, give a gift of adventure and ancestry! The Magic Straw Hat is the perfect gift for kids and kids at heart! Guaranteed to ship by December 25th. While it’s temporarily sold out of Amazon, you can purchase via Barnes & Noble or SDP Publishing Solutions.
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The Magic Straw Hat Offers Kids a Magical Journey Exploring the Importance of Heritage


Everyone needs a little magic in their life, and kids are no exception. In The Magic Straw Hat, author Karen Jonice Bricker combines her own family history and her unique creativity to share the story of Caitie, a young girl who discovers her great-grandmother’s straw hat and embarks on an adventure, learning much about herself and her family in the process.

The discovery of this magical hat leads Caitie, an affable young girl, on a journey that teaches her much about herself and her family history through the hat that her great-grandmother left behind. Filled with portions of stories from her own family history, Bricker uses her creativity to blend these experiences, valuable family memories, and well-loved traditions of her Irish heritage to tell a story filled with twists and turns as Caitie sees where the magic straw hat leads her during one afternoon. The story centers on what the straw hat represents and leads to a hopeful ending where Caitie enjoys a new friendship and understands more about her own family.

Bricker’s talent at storytelling comes from years of practice. Bricker has always been attracted to stories about her Irish heritage, which led her to spend time creating stories for her children and her former elementary school students. “Creating stories out of the ones told in my family for generations was a way for me to teach my own children about who they are. That same love of heritage is what I’m trying to pique in The Magic Straw Hat,” said Bricker. Her penchant for storytelling led her to spend hours each evening telling tales to her children. The Magic Straw Hat is the culmination of all of those stories.

The Magic Straw Hat, currently available on Amazon and through SDP Publishing, will lead readers on a gentle journey of family experiences that are drawn from three generations of strong, sensitive Irish women. Appealing to young children from a variety of backgrounds, The Magic Straw Hat takes the reader on a joyous adventure and shows the importance of family history, culture and the honoring of heritage.