See what people are saying about Maddie’s Saturday Remember!

I was delighted to see so many wonderful reviews of Maddie’s Saturday to Remember from the Writer’s Digest Competitions – Self-Published Book Awards 2021, and wanted to share some of the love with you all. A big thanks to each one of you for sharing the magic of Maddie with me. It means the world. “This bookContinue reading “See what people are saying about Maddie’s Saturday Remember!”

What are you imagining today?

When I was a child, my dad would take us on memorable weekend adventures. He would frequently say, “I know a short cut to someplace special!” I was always ready for what could be right around the corner. In this story, Grandpa takes Maddie on a journey in their urban neighborhood. She meets Joseph, theContinue reading “What are you imagining today?”

Curiosity seen through a child’s eyes

Remember when you where young, and your parents or grandparents brought you downtown, and the aroma of fresh baked goods, or the captivating street performers caught your eye? Karen Jonice Bricker’s whimsical new children’s story highlights family and community connections, around every corner. Maddie meets a street musician, a fruit seller, and helpsContinue reading “Curiosity seen through a child’s eyes”

A whimsical adventure around every corner

An inspiring story of joy and intrigue, highlighting connections with people from all walks of life… around every corner. We sometimes forget what simple pleasures can bring to our lives, and the meaning it can carry with us for a lifetime. Through the pages, this story highlights the inspiring connections a little girl, named Maddie,Continue reading “A whimsical adventure around every corner”

New Book: Maddie’s Saturday to Remember

Maddie cannot imagine a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with her Grandpa. They meet a colorful cast of locals in her hometown: a street musician, a fruit seller, and a pizza chef are all part of this adorable adventure. When Maddie meets the mysterious Lydia, who allows her a sneak peek intoContinue reading “New Book: Maddie’s Saturday to Remember”

Book Launch: Destination Adventure

This month, Karen released her second book, Destination Adventure. This charming story is about Karen as a young girl and the exciting, unpredictable circumstances she and her family experience one summer vacation. In this story, we meet the author’s spontaneous father, easy-going mother and fun-loving older brothers, who are faced with some “rocky” challenges alongContinue reading “Book Launch: Destination Adventure”