New Book: Maddie’s Saturday to Remember

Maddie cannot imagine a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with her Grandpa. They meet a colorful cast of locals in her hometown: a street musician, a fruit seller, and a pizza chef are all part of this adorable adventure. When Maddie meets the mysterious Lydia, who allows her a sneak peek intoContinue reading “New Book: Maddie’s Saturday to Remember”

Book Launch: Destination Adventure

This month, Karen released her second book, Destination Adventure. This charming story is about Karen as a young girl and the exciting, unpredictable circumstances she and her family experience one summer vacation. In this story, we meet the author’s spontaneous father, easy-going mother and fun-loving older brothers, who are faced with some “rocky” challenges alongContinue reading “Book Launch: Destination Adventure”

The Magic Straw Hat Offers Kids a Magical Journey Exploring the Importance of Heritage

Originally posted on Karen Jonice Bricker :
Everyone needs a little magic in their life, and kids are no exception. In The Magic Straw Hat, author Karen Jonice Bricker combines her own family history and her unique creativity to share the story of Caitie, a young girl who discovers her great-grandmother’s straw hat and embarks on…

Keeping Traditions Alive

As a mother, I have always used storytelling as a way to keep my family’s traditions alive. Recently, my wonderful marketing team, St. Somewhere Holdings, LLC, shared an email with our followers promoting my book, The Magic Straw Hat, in a way that also promoted the passing along of traditions, which, as you may haveContinue reading “Keeping Traditions Alive”

The perfect holiday gift for kids, and kids at heart!

This holiday season, give a gift of adventure and ancestry! The Magic Straw Hat is the perfect gift for kids and kids at heart! Guaranteed to ship by December 25th. While it’s temporarily sold out of Amazon, you can purchase via Barnes & Noble or SDP Publishing Solutions.