A whimsical adventure around every corner

An inspiring story of joy and intrigue, highlighting connections with people from all walks of life… around every corner.

We sometimes forget what simple pleasures can bring to our lives, and the meaning it can carry with us for a lifetime. Through the pages, this story highlights the inspiring connections a little girl, named Maddie, and her grandpa make in their urban neighborhood. The vibrant illustrations will delight readers, as they discover what mysterious new friend Maddie meets in an unlikely place, and how it becomes a Saturday she will always remember.

Maddie’s Saturday to Remember by Karen Jonice Bricker.


Published by karenjbricker

Indie Excellence Award Winner, Karen Jonice Bricker is the author of Maddie's Saturday to Remember, The Magic Straw Hat, and Destination Adventure. "I am inspired to write about connection and friendship with all walks of life, and explore the joy of adventure right around the corner!" For further information: www.karenbricker.com www.facebook.com/karenjonicebricker

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