Imagine a Time…

Imagine a time when you were young, not too long ago, when you were eager to explore the next wonderous find. Both, young and old will be intrigued by a little girl, named Maddie, as her Saturday afternoon turns into an unexpected discovery with her grandpa.

Maddie is captivated by her spirited neighborhood friends and when she meets a new friend in an unlikely place, she becomes intrigued, and her imagination is piqued. Maddie helps bring about an unexpected surprise, and a creative unique way to celebrate all of her neighborhood friends! A day Maddie will always remember.

Enjoy an illustration to color from the book: Maddie’s Saturday to Remember. https://www.karenbricker.comto download.

Published by karenjbricker

Indie Excellence Award Winner, Karen Jonice Bricker is the author of Maddie's Saturday to Remember, The Magic Straw Hat, and Destination Adventure. "I am inspired to write about connection and friendship with all walks of life, and explore the joy of adventure right around the corner!" For further information:

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